Understanding Nutrition is a short but comprehensive guide to how the body breaks down, digests and uses the foods we eat, we explore simple and complex carbohydrates, protein and amino acids, omega fats, cholesterol and trans fats, along with superfoods, probiotics and gut bacteria.

In addition, this E-PDF also helps the reader to gain a basic understanding of diabetes and arterial disease without the use of complicated language.

Understanding Nutrition is aimed for those who are wishing to learn the foundations of nutrition for their own personal interest, to brush up on their basic knowledge, or for those who are looking to take further study in the future.
Meet the Author
Jason Houghton B.Sc (Hons), is a an osteopath with a keen interest in Health and Nutrition, he is also a member of the ‘Academy of Physical Medicine’ and an affiliate member of the ‘British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy’.  As a previous Personal Trainer, Weight Management Consultant and Tutor, he believes ongoing fitness throughout the years, along with good nutrition, can help keep certain diseases at bay and have a positive effect on illnesses that may already be established.

Understanding Nutrition E-PDF