Have you got the Minerals!?

December 12, 2017

Minerals are nutrients which are required a small amounts in order for the biochemical reactions to take place within our body. These reactions help keep us healthy and ultimately sustain life. 


According to the International Mineralogical Association (IMA), there are around 3800 known minerals. Humans don't need all 3800 minerals to survive, but just a small number of them. But remember... just because we don't need many, our health depends on them! 


What makes a mineral a mineral?


1. They are naturally occurring - (Not made from living organisms)


2. They are inorganic - (Do not contain carbon.. vitamins do)


3. They are solid at room temperature - (Not like ice)


4. They have a definite composition - (A particular combination of elements)


5.  They have an ordered atomic arrangement - (Elements arranged in a specific way)


Minerals have many roles in the body from working with enzymes and enabling reactions to take place, maintaining pH balance (Potential Hydrogen), helping nutrients transfer across cell membranes, strengthening our bones and teeth and keeping the nervous system functioning well.  Minerals are our energy, our maintenance men and our spark plugs... Make sure you get plenty!









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